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Maverick Claims was born out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which highlighted the need for well-trained adjusters who could provide a quality product in a timely manner. All too often, claims adjusting reports lack the quality and comprehensiveness that company claim representatives deserve and should, frankly, demand. The independent adjuster must be more than an estimator—they must be part counselor, part historian, part investigator, part estimator and part analyzer. If the role of an adjuster was to merely provide a repair estimate, insurers could simply hire licensed contractors. The founders of Maverick, seasoned company claims managers with a keen understanding of what company claim representatives want from their chosen adjuster, set out to create a new standard.

Our Executive Team

William Leahy

Bill Leahy, President

Bill’s professional career started as a general contractor building residential homes in South Louisiana. He got into adjusting when housing starts slowed and he has never looked back. Bill has served in numerous capacities as adjuster, appraiser, umpire and large loss coordinator. His experience as a residential general contractor is a real advantage. Bill takes an interactive approach to monitoring the quality and timeliness of the adjustment process and he provides constant feedback and quality assurance review in order to guarantee accuracy and consistency. Bill has been a licensed general adjuster since 2009.

Key Team Members

Nicole Leahy

Nicole Leahy, Manager

Nicole oversees the firm’s inspection department. Through her leadership, Nicole has implemented time saving procedures and integrated cutting edge technology to reduce response time so our clients receive our detailed inspection reports in advance of all applicable deadlines. Nicole is responsible for creating the policies and procedures that are required to meet the needs of our clients.

Julika Reiher

Julika Reiher, Claims Manager

Julika comes to Maverick Claims with a vast range of experience beginning in 1991 in the insurance industry. Her roles included both daily and catastrophe claims adjuster, catastrophe trainer, and data analyst for the largest property & casualty insurer in the U.S. During her rewarding tenure on staff, Julika traveled the country extensively serving policyholders and providing training during some of the most notorious events such as the Northridge Earthquake, the 1995 New Orleans flood, the tornadoes in Murfreesboro, and Hurricanes Andrew, Charley, Katrina, and Sandy, and developing consistent work processes and communication strategies. She then moved to the independent adjusting side as a field claims manager responsible for all facets of homeowner claims including monitoring staffing and inventory, collaborating with adjusters on policy application and estimating, quality assurance, capitalizing on training opportunities, and building relationships.

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